Fuel System Installation, Removal, & General Contracting

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Our list of satisfied customers include the US Army, Navy Exchange, Air Force, and AAFEES. We have performed work for major oils such as Marathon and Speedway

Established in 1995, our team of certified, skilled, and trained technicians offer over 50 years of combined experience. PEI Maintenance & Contracting is Your One Stop Solution for fuel system, construction and maintenance needs. We are equally skilled in Tank and Fuel System Installation and Tank Removal as well as Construction and Maintenance of your building and site.

We build, monitor, and maintain sites for numerous small oil jobbers, convenience store operators, airports, and marinas. Federal, State, and Local governments likewise have trusted us with their systems.

PEI Maintenance & Contracting is a reputable firm with an outstanding service and impeccable environmental record - Your one stop for all your gas station needs!

PEI Maintenance & Contracting is the single best resource available for petroleum contracting, automotive lifts, and gas station maintenance service. PEI is a leading petroleum contracting company with more than 35 years of experience. We are fully committed to serve you in every aspect of the job and we are prepared to help you accomplish the important goals that will lead to a bright future for your company.

PEI Maintenance & Contracting has the experience and quality needed to compete in a fast-paced, growing industry.

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